It was established on 25 January 2021,

यहां चैनल स्टडी पॉइंट के लिए बनाया गया है, यह कोई रजिस्टर्ड न्यूज़ चेनल नहीं  है, इंपॉर्टेंट न्यूज़, जॉब, हेल्थ, कैरियर,मनोरंजन,  आदि को प्रोवाइड करता है|

Exams related to LEVEL OF IAS, UPSC, UPSSSC, RBI, IFS, Upp, Bihar PCS, Maharashtra PCS,
      In recent years, and especially in both English and Hindi CURRENT AFFAIRS, IMPORTANT FACT, ANALYSIS, country foreign news, sports, health, science, economic status, interesting facts, new discoveries, India's heritage, foreign leaders on India , AMERICA INDIA RELATIONS, etc. IMPORTANT CURRENT AFFAIRS PROVIDE KI JA

 From this, we believe that students who follow our methods, and work hard on a scientifically prepared schedule, will succeed in this exam.

      With this goal in mind, we have finally taken a way to create, develop and prepare a kind of rhythm for English medium leaders

Another reason for starting our English and Honor Hindi medium course is to fill a void in the UPSC coaching community. This void, as described by many aspirants, is a well-formatted and intensive classroom program. Aspirants want a classroom program that gradually takes them from the basic foundation of a subject to the level required for UPSC CSE. They also require classroom programs that do not burden them to the extent they are not able to sustain their own study time.

First of all, for our classroom program and best learning outcomes, we are going to conduct class tests from our journal Current Affairs Today to develop an in-depth understanding of not only regular class-notes, every day, current affairs. Third, we will also provide top quality reading material curated by our content team. Fourth, our classroom program is intensive. We are not only going to cover full service, but are also testing Aspire for retention. This is why we have integrated the Prelims and Mains Test Series with the class schedule at no additional cost.

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